Week 2 Term 4 Newsletter

News Letter Week 2 Term 4


Thanks to all those who helped out with the MOTAT trip, we all had a great day and enjoyed playing with electricity. Nika worked out her hair makes a good substitute for a record player needle. We were blessed by having the use of the community van which carries 10 students and two adults. Thanks for organising that Pastor Paul.

School Rules

The school has a number of rules about what can be brought to or worn to school. This is to keep our uniform tidy and to prevent competition and distraction amongst students.  Following school rules is an opportunity to learn to obey and build character. Whatever we do in later life it is governed by rules which we must learn to follow or face the consequences.

Please help to keep up our school’s standards by supporting our rules.

Non-Uniform Clothing

Increasingly students are wearing non-uniform items to school. Non-uniform clothing worn at school may be confiscated for the rest of the term.

Electronic devices

Any student bringing a cell phone or I pad to school must give it to Mr Bell to lock in the draw until after school. Students found playing on devices during school will have them confiscated.

Make Up, Nail Polish and Jewellery

No makeup or fingernail polish is to be worn to school. Students wearing makeup will have to wash it off with soap and water. Students needing to use the schools nail polish remover will be charges a dollar towards replacing it. The only Jewellery allowed at school are small gold or silver ear studs that can have a stone of the school colours or a necklace with a small cross. Incorrect Jewellery will be confiscated

Cross Country

Cross Country will be on Thursday. We will start the running once Living Way arrives after 9. With Chess and Checkers after lunch.

We will be having Cross Country regardless of the weather. If it’s wet make sure students have a full set of clothes to change into once they have run, a towel, and a rain coat. Parents please bring your rain coats and boots especially if you are going to help as a marshal on the course.

We may run the senior school through the Burma Trail after the running if it’s a nice day.

Food prices

Hot chips     $1.50     Burger          $1.50        4 Nuggets      $1.50       Can Drink        $1.00

Choc chip cookie    $1.00        Juicie        $1.00      Chippie/cracker pkt    $0.50    Tea/Coffee     FREE


It’s starting to get hot so it’s time for students to be wearing hats outside at interval and lunch time. Students without a hat will be required to stay in the shade areas.

Out-Side Education

Now that the ground is drying out it is a perfect opportunity for us to explore the school bush. Junior students please bring gumboots or covered in footwear to school on Thursdays. Footwear can be left at school in the school bag cubby holes.

Large Polystyrene Meat Trays

Mrs Bell is looking for meat trays to use for student’s art work. If you have any large ones please drop them into the school. We are always looking for more cereal boxes as well.

School Photos

Last Chance

Photos will be taken in school uniform on the school grounds, most probably outside, sometime in the first half of Term 4. I will do individual photos of each student as well as sibling groups. Unlike previous years, we won’t be offering whole family shots – it will be school children only. I will also do shots of all the seniors together, all the juniors together, and a shot of the whole school including teachers.

Different to previous years, instead of ordering specific prints in specific sizes, what I will do is load every photo your child is in onto a memory card for you to print out or email to family members as you want. The charge for all this is $10 per family, with all profit going to the school.

If you would like your child(ren) photographed please fill in this order form and return to school by the end of this term with $10 cash, and an empty memory card or stick in a sealed envelope with your family’s name on it (if you don’t have a memory stick and need to borrow one of mine, please email me at pnchambers@hotmail.com). Once I have a date for each shoot I will email those out, and I should have the photos back to you on your own stick within two weeks. Order form on email or see Mr Bell For one.





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