Newsletter Week 9 Term 2

News Letter Week 9 Term 2


The school has received several blessings from other Churches in the CUNZ. This includes donations of money and words of support which are helping the school in a practical way like providing new computers and words of encouragement which has been a huge boost to my spirit. It’s great to know that there are other people out there that value what we are doing for the Lord and prepared to help and bless us.

Web Site

Mrs Polwart is now looking after the school website and bringing it up to date. We would like to include photos of current students. If you do not want your child’s photo on our web site please let me know this week.


Save Mart in Kamo has girl’s skirts at $10 in larger sizes.

The warehouse has boy’s blue socks in stock.

Parent teacher interviews

We are going to have Parent teacher interviews on Wednesday 5th of July next week from 1.00pm. The school will close at 12.15 and the bus will collect children at 12.00. If you would like to meet with your child’s teacher please chose a time on the google document form you will be sent.

Holiday Programme

Kaipara Kids Club is running a holiday programme. This holiday programme activities include amazing race, baking, op shop challenge, country club walk, sports day and challenge day. Holiday programme is run Monday, Wednesday, Friday each week in the holidays. Cost – 8am-3pm – $35, 8am-5:30 – $50. Call into the centre to pick up an enrolment form or email


We now have enough computers for one per senior student including three brand new computers and several laptops. A big thank you to Pastor Paul and Mrs Polwart for their efforts.

Honor Roll

On Thursday, next week we are going to the Whangarei Aquatic Centre as a school. Students that don’t make honor roll will stay at school and do Pace work. We will need transport as usual. I will send out the paper work latter in the week.

Junior School Trip

The junior school will be going to the Matakohe Museum to visit a mobile planetarium, on Thursday 29th of June, that’s next Thursday. We will be leaving school at about 12.00 pm and heading back to school at 2.30. We will need parent to help with transport, and supervision.

Parents please fill in the names of all those from your family going on the trip including yourself, on the below form, put an X in the appropriate boxes to indicate you have filled in or reviewed the forms on Google doc. Also put an X in the box (changed) if you change any information on the forms. Student needs forms No. 6, 8 Parents coming on the trip need forms No. 6, 8, 9, if transporting 10c

Once you have filled in the google docs forms, they will stay on file and they will only need small updates in the future. Please call Mr Bell if you have any problems 4318487, cell 0211809813.




EOTC Forms Checklist


(Form No. 6)

Parent Consent. Emergency Contacts and Risk Disclosure  

 (Form No. 8) Health Profile   and Medical Consent Adults and Students


(Form No. 20) Aquatic activity consent (Adults If Attending)

(Form No. 9) Activity leader/assistant competence 


(  If Transport  )

 (Form No. 10c)

Private Car Volunteer Form  


Participants Name X Changes X Changes X Changes X Changes X Changes


I have filled in or reviewed the EOTC forms listed above, which are stored in my families google documents and filled in the EOTC Forms Checklist above, for each family member taking part in the EOTC event.

I can attend the Junior Museum trip and provide transport for ________ children.

I will help supervise and run events Yes /No

I give permission for (Students Names)__________________________________ to travel by private car to the Matakohe Museum:  Thurday 29th June.

Parents Name _____________________________ParentSignature_________Date_______________

Please return this form to Scholl by Wednesday. This is very important.

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