Newsletter Week 7 Term 3


News Letter Week 7 Term 3

School Fee Invoices

For over 25 years Noeline Cullen has been responsible for doing all of the fee invoices work. From this month on It will be taken over by Mrs Polwart. Thanks Noeline for you amazing commitment and service to the school. Noeline is still committed to the school and will help out with monitoring when she is available.

Due to our ever-changing world, we are having to upgrade our MYOB computer programme that we use for accounting and fees. The new programme should allow us to produce a fees statement with a lot more information and in an easier way to read. It will take a little time to make the changes so keep an eye on your invoices and look for the changes. If you have any questions please ask. We intend to start sending invoices by email this month. We have most people’s current email addresses but if you don’t get the School News Letter by email please contact the school and supply us with your preferred email address.

Monitors and Readers

We are in need of helper to help out at short notice when readers or monitors can’t make it to school. You would not need to stay all morning if you don’t have the time but any time you can give would be a help. I am especialy interested in talking to people who drop their children to school and who are available to stay for a while to help. We are happy for your younger children to play while you help. If you think you can help please see Mr Bell. No experience required.

We also need a new regular reader for Monday mornings. If it’s you or you know someone who can help let me know.

Pet day

Anybody bringing a lamb, calf or kid to pet day can see Mr Bell and collect a free 250ml bottle of AgriSea Animal Tonic.


Many of the students have grown a lot over the year so it’s a good time to make shore their uniforms still fit. Are skirts and dresses long enough, do shirts and blouses fit. It’s also a good time to repair any damaged uniform, sew up rips, replace buttons and wash out stains. It is important to keep our uniform neat and tidy.

Card board cereal boxes

The junior class have been making a lot of 3d shapes and we have used up most of our cardboard. If you have any at hope please send it to school.



New Zealand Regional A.C.E. Student Convention Willow Park, Auckland 11-15 September, 2017

The senior school will be traveling to the Willow Park Convention Center in Auckland to stay for the week, from Monday the 11th of September to Friday the 15th of September, Week 8. We will be leaving school at about 9.00 am on Monday and heading back to school after12.00 pm on Friday. We should get back to school by 4.00pm Friday traffic dependent. Mr Bell, Julia Leaf and Kathryn Drinkwater will provide transport, and supervision.

Parents please fill in the names of all those from your family going on the trip including yourself, on the below form, put an X in the appropriate boxes to indicate you have filled in or reviewed the forms on Google doc. Also put an X in the box (changed) if you change any information on the forms. Student needs forms No. 6, 8 Parents coming on the trip need forms No. 6, 8, 9, if transporting 10c

Once you have filled in the google docs forms, they will stay on file and they will only need small updates in the future. Please call Mr Bell if you have any problems 4318487, cell 0211809813.




EOTC Forms Checklist


(Form No. 6)

Parent Consent. Emergency Contacts and Risk Disclosure  

 (Form No. 8) Health Profile   and Medical Consent Adults and Students


(Form No. 20) Aquatic activity consent (Adults If Attending)

(Form No. 9) Activity leader/assistant competence 


(  If Transport  )

 (Form No. 10c)

Private Car Volunteer Form  


Participants Name X Changes X Changes X Changes X Changes X Changes

I have filled in or reviewed the EOTC forms listed above, which are stored in my families google documents and filled in the EOTC Forms Checklist above, for each family member taking part in the EOTC event.

I can attend the week long convention trip and provide transport for ________ children.

I will help supervise Yes /No We need a ratio of 1 to 4

I give permission for (Students Names)__________________________________ to travel by private car to the event on  Monday the 11th of September, returning on Friday the 15th of September, and to and from Yvette Williams Track Lloyd Elsmore Park Bells Road Pakuranga on 13th for athletics .

Parents Name _____________________________ParentSignature_________Date_______________

Please return this form to Scholl as soon as possible. This is very important

New Zealand Regional A.C.E. Student Convention Willow Park, Auckland 11-15 September, 2017

CHECK-IN: Monday 11th September 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

JUDGES & SPONSORS MEETING: Monday 11th September 4:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

EXHIBITS CHECK-IN: Monday 11th September 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Please note: the track is just about 15 minutes away from the site, so please allow time for travel Convention Orientation &

WELCOME: Monday 11th September 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Final Notices for Convention:

  1.  Practice!  Practice! Practice!    All Famous Speeches, Plays, Preaching, Poetry Recitation events need to be learned off by heart.  Practice EVERY NIGHT!!!!
  2. Practice! Practice! Practice!  All your vocal and instrumental entries every night and morning.  Know your words to your songs well, sing with volume and expression and sincerity.  Play well, the more you practice the better you will play.
  3. PRAY: As you prepare, pray that your performance will bring glory to the Lord. Pray that Convention will be a blessing to you and the others who attend. Pray that lives will be transformed and that many lives will be committed to Christ.
  4.  DO YOUR BEST: “Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better, and your better is best.” Evidence reveals that almost any group of young people with concentrated effort can excel in almost all entry areas.
  5.  HAVE CONFIDENCE: Don’t think that you can’t do well in competition. The size of the school and the age of the contestant are not important things. What counts is your commitment to practice.


  1. Finish all your paperwork for each item that you are entering.
  2. Fill in all your exhibit labels.
  3. Be prepared to perform all your stage events this Thursday afternoon.
  4. All photos should be in by now and printed.
  5. All art and craft work should be finished by Wednesday, nothing should be outstanding.  If you have not completed work be prepared to work morning tea, lunch time, after school and before school until you have your work prepared and ready.
  6. All field and running events need to be practiced daily during the lunch hour or when you have completed all your other events.
  7. Volley Ball and Futsal this week also.  Mr. Bell will take the Futsal in his morning program.  Nets will be up at lunch time for Futsal.

Items to bring to Convention

Bible/Note Book          School Uniform            Hat & Sports Uniform                Pillow & pillow case Sleeping bag & sheet for mattress, or sheet set                     Small flashlight    Pyjamas        Slippers

Changes of shirts, socks and under clothing.

Sun block and Sun Hat    Sneakers and School Shoes

Towels & toiletries     Sheet music     Scripts    Musical Instruments        Props and costumes        Exhibits    Reports   Judges Forms      Your event Recorded music (for competition events only)

Don’t bring Cassette/CD/MP3 players/ I pads & tapes/CDs (except for those used in competition)

Non Uniform can be worn to and from Convention but will need to meet the Convention Dress Code


An image of Christian discretion and modesty – 1 Tim. 2:9-10; Titus 2:2-7a, is to be portrayed and maintained by everyone attending any Student Convention. An attitude of deference to this Dress Code must be evident. The following Dress Code is to be maintained upon arrival at, during the entirety of, and departure from all Student Conventions. This Dress Code applies to all students, adults, guests, parents, children, SCEE staff and 24/7 squad; costumes for events; and all Exhibits and Platform events for both males and females as is appropriate.

It is expected that students will be dressed in either formal or P.E. school uniform during Student Convention and that uniform and any casual dress upon arrival and at departure, will be consistent with the following Dress Code. If the school uniform, for any reason, does not meet this Dress Code then students will be expected to wear other clothes which do meet this Dress Code.

  • All shirts/blouses/dresses must cover the shoulders and have complete sleeves so that underarms cannot be seen.
  • Necklines must be at or above the clavicle bone at the front and of an equal height or higher at the back.
  • No clothing is to have “cut-outs” or similar openings.
  • Midriffs must not be exposed even when stretching.
  • Skirts/dresses minimum length must be such that they touch the floor when kneeling. • Any splits in skirts or similar garments, must not be above the knee.
  • No see through materials are permitted. • No body hugging clothes are permitted. • Shorts (including athletics shorts and splits in shorts) must not be shorter than the wearers’ four fingers width above the top of the kneecap when standing.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times including athletic events.
  • P.E. uniform and/or other similar sports wear is not suitable for evening rallies and awards ceremonies.


ATHLETICS DAY – Wednesday 13th September 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Sporting Venue information: Yvette Williams Track Lloyd Elsmore Park Bells Road Pakuranga, 2010 What to bring: Sunhat Sunblock Flags/banners/streamers for cheering Sweatshirt/Jacket Plenty of drinking water

SPONSORS: Please note that YOU are responsible for providing drinking water for your students. They need to remain well hydrated, regardless of weather conditions or temperature, especially if they are running races. Remember! Athletics day is goofy hat day, so bring your goofy hats, your wacky glasses, and your cheering voices.



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