Newsletter Week 2 Term 3

News Letter Week 2 Term 3

Convention Photography Trip

The nine students entering Photography at Convention will be going to the Auckland Zoo on Tuesday 8th August that’s next week. We will be leaving school at about 9.00 am and heading back to school at 2.00 pm. We will need parents to help with transport, and supervision.

The cost of zoo entry is $11 and we will charge $9.00 per child for petrol, so each child needs to bring $20.00 to school please. We will be using the least number of cars possible for the trip.

Parents please fill in the names of all those from your family going on the trip including yourself, on the below form, put an X in the appropriate boxes to indicate you have filled in or reviewed the forms on Google doc. Also put an X in the box (changed) if you change any information on the forms. Student needs forms No. 6, 8 Parents coming on the trip need forms No. 6, 8, 9, if transporting 10c

Once you have filled in the google docs forms, they will stay on file and they will only need small updates in the future. Please call Mr Bell if you have any problems 4318487, cell 0211809813.




EOTC Forms Checklist


(Form No. 6)

Parent Consent. Emergency Contacts and Risk Disclosure  

 (Form No. 8) Health Profile   and Medical Consent Adults and Students


(Form No. 20) Aquatic activity consent (Adults If Attending)

(Form No. 9) Activity leader/assistant competence 


(  If Transport  )

 (Form No. 10c)

Private Car Volunteer Form  


Participants Name X Changes X Changes X Changes X Changes X Changes

I have filled in or reviewed the EOTC forms listed above, which are stored in my families google documents and filled in the EOTC Forms Checklist above, for each family member taking part in the EOTC event.

I can attend the Convention Photography Zoo trip and provide transport for ________ children.

I will help supervise Yes /No

I give permission for (Students Names)__________________________________ to travel by private car to the Auckland Zoo:  Tuesday 8rd of August.

Parents Name _____________________________ParentSignature_________Date_______________


A paper copy of the trip forms will be sent home for the 9 students, on Monday in case you can’t print the one over leaf. Please send them back on Tuesday Morning. Each parent will be contacted over the weekend to make final arrangements.  Children also need to wear covered footwear, bring a drink and lunch.

Pet Day

Pet day will be in the first week of term 4. Students can bring lambs, calves, or goats to school to show. There will be a flower arrangement, vegetable animal, cake decorating, small pet and a pretend pet sections. The junior class is growing vegetable seedlings to sell to cover the cost of our Horticulture lessons. Now is the time to find a pet, plant flowers and start thinking about you cake decoration. More details will follow in the coming weeks. Lambs, calves and goats can also go to group day at Kaiwaka.

Absent Students

Parents please contact the school and let us know if your child will not be at school for any reason. We need to record the reason for absences. If a child doesn’t come to school and we have not been told why we have to try to find out which means taking time out of teaching to ring parents who are often unavailable. It’s much easier for you to contact us. If a child is not at school and we have no information to say they are at home it is possible they left home but never made it to school so we are forced to ring parents to confirm missing student’s safety.

Four-legged Lawn Mowers

I would like to thank the Leaf’s for supplying and managing the mowers and Mr Cullen for making the fences mower proof. The field looks great, it will dry out much faster this spring and be easier for the ride on mowers to manage. We may even be able to beat the carrot weed which stalks hurt the kid’s feet in summer.


I still need someone to take cans to the Metal Man in Whangarei. Let me know if you are going that way and have any room for them.

Card Board

Thanks for sending in the cardboard, keep the larger cereal boxes coming.

Yummy stickers

It’s almost time to send in our Yummy stickers so please send any you have to school and get a few more while we can still can. Remember you can collect the stickers of several varieties of fruit and some of the bags have cut out coupon which are also collectable.


No buses 25 August, the high school is having a teacher only day.

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