Newsletter Term 4 Week 1

Honour Roll will be on Tuesday next week please fill out the permission forms below.

Honour roll students will travel to MOTAT in Auckland on Tuesday the 24th of October Week 2. We will be leaving school as early as possible on Monday and should be back to school by 5.00 pm.

Parents please fill in the names of all those from your family going on the trip including yourself, on the form below, put an X in the appropriate boxes to indicate you have filled in or reviewed the forms on Google doc. Also put an X in the box (changed) if you change any information on the forms. Student needs forms No. 6, 8 Parents coming on the trip need forms No. 6, 8, 9, if transporting 10c

Once you have filled in the google docs forms, they will stay on file and they will only need small updates in the future. Please call Mr Bell if you have any problems 4318487, cell 0211809813.




EOTC Forms Checklist


(Form No. 6)

Parent Consent. Emergency Contacts and Risk Disclosure  

 (Form No. 8) Health Profile   and Medical Consent Adults and Students


(Form No. 20) Aquatic activity consent (Adults If Attending)

(Form No. 9) Activity leader/assistant competence 


(  If Transport  )

 (Form No. 10c)

Private Car Volunteer Form  


Participants Name X Changes X Changes X Changes X Changes X Changes

I have filled in or reviewed the EOTC forms listed above, which are stored in my families google documents and filled in the EOTC Forms Checklist above, for each family member taking part in the EOTC event.

I can attend the day trip and provide transport for ________ children.

I will help supervise Yes /No We need a ratio of 1 to 4

I give permission for (Students Names)__________________________________ to travel by private car to the event on Tuesday the 24th of October.

Parents Name___________________ParentSignature________________Date_______________

Please return this form to School as soon as possible. This is very important

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