News Letter Week 6 Term 2

News Letter Week 6 Term 2


The PTA has been busy over the past few weeks with money put towards Gym equipment, sound system, art supplies, and hand puppets.  We also worked together to cater for the recent Paparoa Lions Speech contest last Monday night which raised approx $550!!  Thank you to those who contributed to the meeting and to the catering.  It is wonderful working together as a team, towards the same goal of supporting the school ministry.

As a PTA, we also have accepted the opportunity to cater for the local senior citizens lunch which the Otamatea Community Services organizers, on the first Wednesday of each month at the Maungaturoto St John Hall.  This is a large undertaking and commitment in which we will need lots of help.  Food will be prepared a day or two prior to this event, with help from the senior students, and last minute food preparation on the day.  If anyone would like to help and be a part of a roster to help with food preparation or in the kitchen please let Julia Leaf know you are interested.

Head Lice

Please keep an eye on your children’s hair for head lice. I have just been informed that several students have just been treated for head lice. The school is mostly clear of head lice but children can reintroduce them from almost anywhere. Head lice are very mobile and can transfer from head to head at a friend’s house, at church, at the playground, at play centre, or anywhere children come together. This will always be a constant battle so stay alert and we can keep head lice to a minimum. The most effective way to get rid of head lice is to regularly, thoroughly wet the hair with conditioner and comb with a nit comb on a daily basis when headlice are obvious, then weekly to keep on top of them. It’s also wise to  keep hair tied up. Headlice love clean hair and will happily crawl onto anybody.

School Disco

Our PTA have organised an awesome fancy dress DISCO on Friday June 23rd (flyer attached).

We will need a few parents to help out with supervision and one or two in the kitchen to prepare snacks and refill drinks etc. If you can help, or you have any queries, Natalie Chambers is the contact person for the Junior part of the evening ( or 4319042), and Kathryn Drinkwater and Kelly Richards are in charge of the Senior part of the evening ( and

For the night to run smoothly, no seniors are to be at the juniors part of the disco and vice versa. The Epi Centre opposite Good News Church is available for senior students who are waiting for the senior disco to start. Parents need to be at Epicentre with their students please. We also ask that Junior students be picked up promptly at 7pm so we can clean up and set up for the Senior part of the night.


It’s going to be an awesome time where the students can let off some steam and have some fun in a God-glorifying environment! We are inviting Living Way Christian School and the local home-schooling students to join us. See you there!

Nail Polish

Please make sure all nail polish is removed before students come to school. Nail polish remover can be found at the 4 Square.


This is coming sooner than we think in Term 3.  The students have a very busy time ahead of them.

A meeting will be held next Monday evening at 7pm (12th of June) to go over details and allow you to have a time to look at what your child have chosen to do and some of the requirements. Please bring some finger food for dessert.

Convention registration fees need to be in by the end of July. The cost will be $310 per person.  This includes adults who will be going.  Those who struggle please see Mr. Bell so we can arrange a weekly automatic payment over a period of time.

Convention is a part of our curriculum.  All student’s year 7 and up will be required to go. I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting.

Lynette Bell


We have recently been donated money to buy several new computers, we have also been given some more so by the end of next week we hope to have them up and running.

Board of Trustees News

Mrs Kayley Polwart has joined the board and will be looking after the advertising and enrolment portfolios. Welcome Kayley.

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