Student Convention


 Our student’s results reflect their hard work and diligence:

8 students from 11 years of age to 15 years of age attended National Regional Convention at Willow Park in Auckland from the 5th of September to the 9th of September.  National Convention is a residential event where students use the gifts and abilities they have discovered and developed over the year.  Students may choose from over 140 different events to compete in.  The events are spread across eight different categories: Academics, Athletics, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Manual Arts, Music (Vocal, Instrumental, and Combined), Scripture, and Platform (Speech and Drama).

The Convention went very well and the students gained many placings and were a credit to the school in the way they built relationships with other competing students and adults alike.  They came back ecstatically happy and asking to go to the Convention again in 2017.  Already students have started selecting their entries for next year and have started to work on some projects.  It is wonderful to see them so motivated and enthusiastic about their learning.

The students enjoyed the Evening Rallies which provided spiritual feeding and nurturing as well as the opportunity to view command performances.  The students also gained much in viewing each others performances and entries as well as competing in team academic, scriptural and sporting events.

The majority of placings achieved were 1st’s, followed closely by 2nd’s and then 3rd’s.  The students were judged by 3 judges and the scores were averaged.  To get a placing of 1st, 2nd or 3rd the students needed to gain marks over 70 %.

The hard work and diligence of the students, support from parents and community members who work alongside the students during the yearly preparation is an intrinsic part of the success the students experienced.  A special thanks goes out from the students and the staff at Otamatea Christian School to Maura Flower, Wes Cullen, Betty Cairnes, Julia Leaf and Robbie Parker for their support and input.  The results speak for themselves. Out of a field of 60 students this year tour 8 Otamatea Christian School students gained the following awards:

1st Place Awards  2nd  Place Awards      3rd  Place Awards     4th Place Awards  
Academics       3Athletics         10                 Manual Arts    8                 Media Arts      6                 Visual Arts      2                 Instrumental  2                 Vocal                2                 Platform          1


Academics       3           Athletics          6           Manual Arts    9           Media Arts      9           Visual Arts       1           Instrumental   2           Vocal                1           Scripture          1 Academics      3             Athletics           3            Manual Arts    7           Media Arts      5           Visual Arts       2           Instrumental   2           Scripture         2  Manual Arts    3           Media Arts      6           Visual Arts       3           Platform          2           Scripture         2 
Total               34 Total                32 Total                 24 Total                16
5th Place Awards       6th Place Awards      

Other Awards – Recognition of Achievement

Academics      1                   Media Arts      2                   Visual Arts      2                   Platform         1  Academics     1                     Manual Arts   1                   Media Arts      1  Media Arts TrophyUnder 14 Spelling: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places

2 Command Performances

Vocal Solo

Vocal Duet

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