Convention 2017

Twelve students between the ages of 11 and 15 years old attended convention last month with
Principal, Mark Bell in charge.
Preparing for Convention is a year long activity. The students choose from over 140 events to compete
in, most students choose between 15 events to enter and 20 which is the maximum that can be entered,
they then complete work on their entries throughout the school year. Events that can be entered come
under the banners of Academics, Sports and Athletics, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Manual Arts, Music,
Scripture, and Platform.
The students were successful in a wide range of disciplines and this year took home 6 out of the 12
trophies. The trophies they were awarded were for Academics, Vocals, Sport, Athletics, Manual Arts,
Visual Arts. Tegan Leaf was awarded two trophies, she tied with Chloe Leaf in Athletics and was also
awarded the Manual Arts Trophy. Chloe also received another trophy for Academics. Otamatea Christian School students took home the Vocal Trophy, the Visual Arts Trophy, and the Sports Trophy went to Harmony Nathan. The students brought home between them 109 ribbons that placed them from 1st to 3rd. The majority of the ribbons were 1st and 2nd places.
Every year Lynette Bell their teacher puts in many hours to ensure that the students take quality work to
the competition and that all paper work and reports are filled in and written. ‘It is great to see students
try new areas of learning each year or build upon the skills they have developed in the previous year.
This event is an important part of the A.C.E curriculum and the afternoon program.
A special thanks goes out from the students and the staff at Otamatea Christian School to Maura Flower
for training some of our students in vocals and our volunteer helpers Julia Leaf, Paul Chambers and Tala
Hampshire for checking final entry forms and sorting Music Scores, Wes Cullen, for assisting students
with their woodwork, and finally Kayley and Michael Polwart for spending hours sorting out music
scores. Without helpers this is a mammoth task for one teacher, your support is immensely valued.

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